Silver Fern Visa 2013

Сегодня можно податься на визу Silver Fern торопитесь всего 300 мест!

300 Silver Fern Job Search visas are available each year. It is a very popular scheme, and places are usually taken on the opening day.
2013/14 quota
The quota will open on 29 April 2013 at 10:00am (New Zealand

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  • 29 апреля 2013, 02:35
  • eugeny

Silver fern visa 2011 топик-ссылка

The annual Silver Fern Job Search Quota opens will be opening on Wednesday 27 April at 10.00am, and demand for places is likely to be high. В прошлый раз, все выбрали за полчаса. Поторопитесь =)

Silver Fern visa to target talented graduates

The Government's new Silver Fern visa will attract young highly skilled people to work long term in New Zealand, Minister of Immigration, Jonathan Coleman has announced today.

«The new Silver Fern policy enables young people with proven potential to come to New Zealand for up to nine months to seek skilled employment. Once they find skilled employment, they will be able to stay for a further two years, while they apply for residence. This will create a pathway to residence for young skilled people, who want to come to New Zealand to further develop their careers, and potentially to settle permanently.

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  • 26 ноября 2009, 13:43
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