Изменения иммиграционной политики для студентов 2. Выдыхаем

Как вы знаете после идеи с отменой рабочки после годового обучение все немного офигели и завалили правительство разгневанными письмами. И что вы думаете? Они одумались!

  • delay the implementation of this requirement until 2 April 2012 (students who commence their course before this date will not be affected)
  • enable qualifying one academic year courses to include:
    • all postgraduate qualifications, or
    • credit-transferred bachelors’ degrees, or

    • all one year level 7 courses.
  • and also enable ‘one year + one year’ course combinations to meet the two-year study requirement, so long as:
    • both courses qualify for Skilled Migrant Category points, and
    • the second course is at a higher level than the first course (for example, a level 5 diploma followed by a level 6 diploma), and

    • both courses are of at least one academic year’s duration (eight months full time study).
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