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Immediate Skill Shortage List (ISSL) biannual review
Friday, 12 June 2009

The biannual review of the ISSL, which is administered by the Department of Labour, sees 44 occupations removed from the list. The list comprises occupations deemed to be in immediate short term shortage in the New Zealand labour market.

The removal of the occupations from the list is the result of extensive consultation with industry groups, other stakeholders and relevant government agencies.

Removal of occupations from the ISSL does not mean employers cannot recruit migrants in those occupations. An employer can demonstrate genuine attempts to recruit a suitable New Zealander, as is the process with all other occupations. If, after the labour market is tested, Immigration New Zealand is satisfied no suitable New Zealanders are available in that location then temporary work permits will still be granted.

Occupations which were identified as readily trainable and those for which New Zealanders may be available were prioritised for review, to ensure opportunities for New Zealanders.

The occupations being removed from the ISSL with effect from Monday 15 June 2009 are:

* Agricultural and Horticultural Mobile Plant Operator
* Autoglazier
* Baker
* Bicycle Mechanic
* Binder and Finisher (Perfect Binder)
* Binder and Finisher (Print Finisher)
* Butcher or smallgoods maker
* Cabinetmaker (marine)
* Carpenter (including builder)
* Crane, Hoist or Lift Operator
* Dental Assistant
* Drainlayer
* Earthmoving Labourer (Asphalt, concrete, chip sealing and road pavement workers only)
* Electronic equipment and electronic instrument trades worker
* Motor mechanic (automotive technician)
* Painting trades worker (painter, decorator and paper hanger)
Paving Plant Operator (Roading)
* Pig Farmer (Farm Manager) (Pork Industry)
* Pig Farm Worker (Senior Stockperson only)
* Plasterer (fibrous and solid)
* Plastics Die Setter
* Printing machinist (die cutter operator)
* Printing machinist (die maker)
* Printing machinist (flexographic printer)
* Printing machinist (folder gluer operator)
* Printing machinist (folder operator)
* Printing machinist (sheet-fed offset printer)
* Printing machinist (stitcher operator)
* Product Assembler (Aluminium Joiner)
* Reinforced Plastic and Composite Production Worker (Fibreglass)
* Reinforced Plastic and Composite Production Worker (Marine Laminator)
* Roof Tiler and Plumber
* Roof Tiler and Roof Plumber (Supervisor)
* Scaffolder
* Screen Printer
* Sheep Farm Worker (Senior Shepherd/ Stock Manager)
* Sheep Farm Worker (Shepherd only)
* Sheetmetal trades worker
* Sommelier
* Textile Dyeing and Finishing Machine Operator (Fabric Finishing Specialist/Technologist)
* Travel Consultant (Senior)
* Vehicle painter (including refinisher)
* Web-offset Printer

взято отсюда: www.immigration.govt.nz/migrant/general/generalinformation/news/issl.htm
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